WATCH in the Media: ‘Time to stop carbon whinge’

WATCH member Karen Bowley wrote in a letter to the editor at the Border Mail (21st July 2011)…

” The carbon tax has not yet been passed and already everyone is blaming it for everything.

Most who work in this wealthy country don’t think twice about buying a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer or wine.

And yet the sky is now falling in because the most wealthy of us may be worse off under a carbon tax — David Jones is even blaming the carbon tax on the fact that its profit is down.

We have become so selfish and obsessed by material possessions that we have forgotten that if we do not do something about carbon emissions we may not have a world worth living in.

Whether you live near the sea or inland, we are all feeling the effects of climate change with climate extremes becoming the norm.

While the carbon tax may require tweeking, this government is trying to do something for the good of the country, the planet and the future of our children.

Congratulations to the Jones Street Butchery (The Border Mail, 14 June) which has taken up the challenge and is changing its business to minimise emissions.

I hope the carbon tax will eventually make all businesses — especially those 500 biggest polluters — do the same.

This is the challenge of the 21st century.”


Download the original article at the Border Mail website.

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