WATCH supports ‘Replace Hazelwood’ campaign

Wodonga and Albury Toward Climate Health support the campaign to shut down Hazelwood power station.

WATCH committee member Lizette Salmon had this to say about the matter in a letter published in the Border Mail (30th May 2012)…

Hazelwood power station isn’t exactly around the corner from the beautiful Border region, but that’s no reason to ignore it. Every day, all day, every night, all night it’s pouring out coal pollutants that threaten our collective health and well-being.  These pollutants are linked to numerous health problems including cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory and reproductive problems. No wonder doctors refer to coal-fired power stations as death factories.

But Hazelwood’s days as a death factory could be drawing to a close. The Federal Government is due to make a decision on the future of Hazelwood by the end of June. Surely they will show the same leadership Indigo Shire Council demonstrated two years ago when it became the first council in Australia to pass a motion in favour of retiring Hazelwood. Let’s get ready to celebrate an end to the Hazelwood era and herald a real transition to renewable energy. Less pollutants, less illness, more jobs, cleaner air. Let’s enter the modern world. Let’s replace Hazelwood.

Lizette’s letter was followed up by this reply from WATCH committee member Karen Bowley in the Border Mail

I agree with Lizette Salmon (Border Mail 31 May 2012) about Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station.  Why, in the 21st century, we are still dependent on this antiquated and inefficient power generation?  We have endless sunlight and the technology to use renewable and clean energy.

I have recently signed a petition supporting action to Replace Hazelwood.  Unless the federal government receives pressure from people across the country, it may walk away from the negotiations with the owners of Hazelwood to do just this.  We need to tell the government that we want to cut pollution and bring online clean renewable energy.

Please sign this petition too and take action for our clean energy future at


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