Too late for Action?

In a blunt article today published in the AGE, Nick Feik expresses his coldly realistic view that we have passed the point where action on climate change can hold conditions at a safe level and avoid runaway climate change.

While he explains that he doesn’t  blame the environment movement for allowing the emissions that are causing disastrous climate change, he does say that this effort to ‘save the planet’ has been a total failure, with conditions now far worse than in 1990.  He does however criticise the movement for focussing on the wrong aspects of the whole problem, while allowing key elements to persist – and one might cite population expansion and coal exports as such elements in Australia.

 Finally Nick Feik wonders whether ‘geo-engineering’ may offer the only chance to stop runaway climate change, albeit at enormous risk, and offers that Humans have already engaged in a vast climate altering project – and in the most careless fashion – to bring us to this desperate point.

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