Victorian state election – Bill Tilley’s attitudes to renewables and climate change

On 19.11.14 WATCH emailed Bill Tilley a questionnaire with six quick questions about coal seam gas, coal, renewables and climate change. He has yet to respond. However his responses below during the Border Mail’s online public forum ‘Live Chat’ (on 21.11.14) indicate his stance on  some of these issues.

Bill Tilley response to question about renewable energy (7.11pm):
The Coalition Government is committed to facilitating renewable energy development. $ 42 million has been invested in the last 4 years on sustainable energy projects including large scale solar, small scale solar, wave and geothermal technologies.

Bill Tilley (7.20pm):
We have released Victorias first and Australias most comprehensive climate change adaption plan to build climate resilience across Victoria. Happy to provide you more details if you contact my office. We have done so much it will take a while.

Question from David Macilwain:
Can you make a commitment to help phase out Hazelwood and Anglesea power stations and mines along the lines that the Greens have suggested?

Bill Tilley response (8.01pm):
As a legislator there is a high responsibility to ensure business and industry are not trashing our environment and we can do that without trashing our economy. Cheaper power is a major key to success of jobs and the economy. Victoria has a great resource in its brown coal but we need to find better ways to make it cleaner. I would invite you to maybe have a look at a speech I gave to Parliament on 28 Nov 2012 on the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Bill 2012.

Question from Bruce Key:
Why did your government mothball the Climate Change Act and abolish the 20% carbon pollution reduction target? This does not sound like a commitment to climate change adaption and mitigation to me.

Bill Tilley response (8.10pm):
When it comes to Climate Change, the science is never settled and should always be challenged, whether you believe in climate change or not is irrelevant. The Coalition Government believes in a healthy environment and it is essential for long term growth, and the community and economic benefits of protecting biodiversity and ecosystems greatly outweigh the cost of delivering this protection. The Coalition is absolutely committed to, as I am, maintaining our environmental standards while also keeping down costs to families providing certainty for businesses and encouraging economic growth.



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