Victorian state election – candidate Phil Rourke’s attitudes to renewables and climate change

On 19.11.14 WATCH emailed Australian Country Alliance candidate Phil Rourke a questionnaire with six quick questions about coal seam gas, coal, renewable energy and climate change. He has yet to respond. However his responses to the Border Mail’s online public forum ‘Live Chat’ (on 19.11.14) provided insights into his opinions on these topics.

Phil Rourke (7.07pm):
Our party has no official policy on climate change.
I personally am NOT convinced of the link between carbon emissions and unproven as yet, climate change.

Comment From Dylan:
If you are concerned about farming futures, why are you not concerned about the effects of climate change on their futures?

Phil Rourke (7.27pm):

I have seen no comprehensive proof that there is any measurable man made climate change affecting anything.
Phil Rourke:

Climate change debate has become a one sided narrative. A quick perusal of the internet will show you that a large section of the scientific community disagrees with this narrative.

Phil Rourke:

The Australian Country Alliance is fully supportive of growing our renewable energy sector. It is a no brainer. Fossil fuels are finite and need to be replaced eventually. Renewables offer a bright economic future. Backing away from investment in renewables is foolish policy.

Phil Rourke (8.05pm):
There is room for more investment in solar. There has to be. But the whole program of solar returning power to the grid to generate income or credits to the individual provider can’t work in a privatised industry. Private electricity suppliers are in the business of selling electricity for massive profit, not paying for electricity from private suppliers. This is one reason why electricity should never have been privatised.

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