You’re invited to our wedding of the year!

mock-wedding-cake-image-300x300Did you know that big polluters have handed $3.7 million to the major parties since the last election? And that our Government will give them $7.7 billion in subsidies this year? We must stop the flow of money that is propping up the fossil fuel industry.

At 12.30pm on Friday 20 May WATCH will join forces with to host a mock wedding between a mining baroness and an MP to highlight how wedded they are. We’ll have an award winning local actress playing the bride and you may be surprised who the other actors are. It’s shaping up to be a memorable and hilarious ceremony that will unfold out the front of The Hon Sussan Ley’s office (517 Kiewa St, Albury). If you’re working that day, please pop over for a peek during your lunch break.

We welcome your presence, but please no presents, confetti or political placards.

For a copy of our official invitation visit: or click the image below to view the PDF.

Here comes the bride …



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