Mock wedding photos & media coverage

What a wonderful wedding! Big thanks to our MC Lauriston Muirhead, Father Peter Mcleod-Miller, Bridget Doyle (Baroness bride), Jim Sloan (MP) and Marjorie Glanville (music).
Congratulations to all involved and thanks also to those who joined us at the wedding. The order of service for the wedding is here.

This action aimed to draw attention to fossil fuel subsidies and political donations by the fossil fuel industry.
Please consider adding your voice to the conversation by writing to Sussan Ley (see our letter template if you’d like some ideas about doing this).

Click through to view video, photos and media coverage.


Click the image above to watch the video, or view it on YouTube by following this link: Mock wedding highlights

Prime News coverage:

Prime7 mock wedding video image

Click to view the news video on the Prime7 website

Border Mail article:

Border Mail image of the mock wedding

Click the image to view the article on the Border Mail website

News Weekly article:


Click to view the article on the News Weekly website




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