Climate action photo – help send a message to Australia’s biggest polluter

You have an opportunity to influence Australia’s biggest climate polluter – AGL. Join us for a photo shoot at 12.00pm on Tuesday 13 September 2016 next to Sumsion Gardens (intersection of Osburn and Bank Streets) holding a sign that says “Albury-Wodonga calls on AGL to go fossil free”.

Photo---coal-fired-power-station-Loy-YangAGL is a major Australian electricity provider and owns three of our dirtiest coal fired power stations. They’re trying to put on a clean and green front, but the reality is that 81% of their energy comes from coal and they don’t plan to transition to renewable energy until 2048. We can’t cope with another three decades of pollution.

AGL is hosting their Annual General Meeting in Sydney on 28th September. The AGM is a critical chance to present a clear choice for AGL’s board: they can hide behind climate lies and hold Australia back from a swift transition to clean energy – or they can be climate leaders and come up with a plan for AGL to exit the dirty energy business within a decade.

Community members, AGL customers and shareholders will have a presence at their AGM to hold the company’s board of directors to account on its dirty fossil fuel dependency.

Before the AGM, communities across Australia will take photos with signs saying they call on AGL to go fossil free. Large copies of these photos will be held up outside the AGM to demonstrate widespread community demand for Australia’s biggest climate polluter to exit fossil fuels.

Join us during your lunch break – let’s make Albury-Wodonga’s photo one of Australia’s biggest!

For enquiries phone Lizette on 02 60 59 4185.



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