Adani or Nemo – rally to tell Westpac your preference

Do you want Westpac to lend money to Adani to build their massive Carmichael coal mine in Queensland? They’ve refused to rule out a loan and ignored our hundreds of emails, calls and letters.  What better way to make our message loud and clear than being outside their branches all over Australia? It’s started already in major cities, and next week we’re taking the message to Albury-Wodonga.

Please join us for a peaceful protest outside the Albury Westpac branch next Friday 17th March. What’s at stake? Our reef, our planet and our future.

WHEN                 1:00-1:30pm Friday 17th March 2017

WHERE                Westpac, 613 Dean St, Albury

SPEAKERS          Dr Rosie Saxton, Damian Gill and Tracey Esler

CONTACT            Tracey Esler –

If you can, wear a touch of red and bring along your friends!

This action is supported by GetUp!, WATCH,, Albury Greens and Market Forces.

Why this mine must not be built

The massive Adani Carmichael coal mine is disastrous. Producing 130 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, the burning coal from this mine will have a huge impact on global temperatures, affecting not only the Great Barrier Reef but our entire planet.

At the associated Abbott Point port, millions of tonnes of dredging and the inevitable coal dust and shipping accidents will cause massive damage to our already severely stressed reef. This could prove to be the final nail in the coffin for our beloved Great Barrier Reef.

Adani’s appalling track record

The mine operator, Adani, has an unbelievably appalling track record of both corruption and environmental vandalism, both in India and other countries in which it has operated.  See here for details:

Response from other banks

Recognising these risks, combined with the assessment that the mine is likely to become a stranded asset in the wake of falling global coal demand, twelve major banks worldwide have refused to fund the project. But Adani still requires the support of one of our big four banks. NAB have declined, with the Commonwealth and ANZ making similar noises. But Westpac hasn’t ruled it out and will make a decision next month. Could Westpac be responsible for the straw that breaks the camel’s back – the point of no return for our Reef and the planet?


One thought on “Adani or Nemo – rally to tell Westpac your preference

  1. Coal belongs to the Dinosaurs. Why should we breathe the same air they did? The safest sequestration for Coal is to leave it where nature put it to keep the chemical balance for an ecosystem able to nurture a gentle living environment, way down deep in the earth and untouched.
    There are many forms criminal greed can take. Coal miners like Adani join this group in my book. Those who support these criminals either through pure ignorance or by seeking some form of personal advantage are just as culpable. We should damm the lot of them or we all will surely be dammed.
    Will no government take on board the science, revere the spokesmen and women who impart this knowledge, or are we all captive, watching the squandering of our planet and the resources which should sustain a good life until our solar system itself fails?

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