Australia’s commitment to Emissions reductions.

For anyone who’s been following our pretences in the international arena to emissions reductions under the Kyoto protocol, this weeks announcement of a ‘target’ under the second Kyoto period – 2013-20 -will come as no surprise; we don’t plan on making any further ‘cuts’.  In fact this isn’t quite true – we plan to make…

Professor Kevin Anderson (UK): We Are Headed for Dangerous Climate Change

This post is devoted to a comprehensive coverage of an October 2011 presentation at the London School of Economic by Professor Kevin Anderson, entitled ‘Going Beyond Dangerous Climate Change: Exploring the Voice Between Rhetoric and Reality in Reducing Carbon Emissions’. Anderson argues that “The analysis suggests that despite high-level statements to the contrary, there is now little to no chance of maintaining the global mean surface temperature at or below 2◦C. Moreover, the impacts associated with 2◦C have been revised upwards, sufficiently so that 2◦C now more appropriately represents the threshold between ‘dangerous’ and ‘extremely dangerous’ climate change.”

Media analysis in the leadup to COP-17 in Durban, South Africa

The seventeenth annual meeting of the council of parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change begins today in Durban, South Africa, where the international community will continue negotiations to strengthen the global greenhouse gas mitigation regime. Here is analysis from several different media outlets and think-tanks on the prospects for the talks.