WATCH Publicity

WATCH-elephant-LSWATCH actively engages with the media in its capacity as an advocacy group for action on human induced climate change.  This list documents WATCH’s history of media publicity in our effort to engage with the local community on climate change issues (click on links to view content).

Heatwave a killer for trees losing leaves under extreme stress Border Mail 1 Feb 2019

WATCH marks ten years of work Border Mail 19 July 2017

No silence on science Border Mail 20 October 2016

City no to investment at coalface Border Mail 13 April 2016

Power of the pen in fight over climate Border Mail 28 March 2016

A climate of concern Border Mail 9 January 2016

Climate beliefs political Prime News 4 November 2015

Dropping solar criticised Border Mail 20 July 2015

Malaria, dengue on their way with climate change Border Mail 25 June 2015

Sport feels pinch from rising heat Border Mail 31 January 2015

Let’s act before it’s too late or costly Border Mail 7 January 2015

Award for commitment to climate Border Mail 15 November 2014

No plants it is not spring yet Border Mail 11 June 2014

Sloane, D. Abbott a foe of environment  Border Mail 4 June 2014

Federal Budget reaction from Border residents, Border Mail 14 May 2014 (scroll to bottom to see interview with Lauriston Muirhead)

Budget fails the fairness test.  Border Mail 15 May 2014

Salmon, J. Opinions get in the way of facts Border Mail 14 April 2014

Parton, G. Facts get in the way of his view  Border Mail 14 April 2014

Grinham, J. Thanks for the carbon rebate Border Mail 7 April 2014

Heatwave ruins crops, Prime News 26 March 2014

Sloane, D. Treating voters with contempt. Border Mail 5 February 2014

Wilson, G. Up to you and I to lead the way. Border Mail 23 January 2014

Bowley, K. Abbott should be feeling heat. Border Mail 18 January 2014

Sloane, D. Yes our planet is warming. Border Mail 21 January 2014

Sloane, D. McGowan has the right idea Border Mail 3 December 2013

Eminent Border residents call for stronger action on climate change. Border Mail 30 November 2013

Mayes, S. McGowan is truly a leader. Border Mail 26 November 2013

Border residents join rally for climate change action Border Mail 18 November 2013

Salmon, J. Climate delays are killing us. Border Mail 3 October 2013

Grinham, J. Climate must be the priority. Border Mail 3 September 2013

Climate change blamed for warm winter. Prime News  2 August 2013.

Battle looms over CSG search. Prime News July 2013

Concern over Petro Tech’s fire safety. Border Mail 25 June 2013

Oates, G. Global warming is a dire reality. Border Mail 10 July 2013

Protestors slam fossil fuel grants. Border Mail 27 April 2013

Ley to pass on mine concerns. Border Mail 8 March 2013

Corowa plea ‘leave coal gas in ground’. Border Mail 7 March 2013

CSG protest in Albury. Prime News March 2013

These pigs were baking. Border Mail 1 March 2013

Margerison, D. Dust in gauge a sign of times. Border Mail 9 March 2013

Climate change blamed for extreme weather. Prime News 1 February 2013

Coal seam plan on back burner. Border Mail 18 October 2012,

Oates, G. Too much gas can’t be good, Border Mail 25 July 2012

Salmon, L. Too much of a good thing bad. Border Mail, 24 July 2012

Putting a price on pollution. Border Mail, July 2012

Oates, G. Tax an incentive to stop polluting. Border Mail, 2 July 2012

Mayes, S. ‘Letter to the Editor: Council right on Hazelwood’, Border Mail, 18 June 2012.

Salmon, L. ‘Letter to the Editor: Let’s rid Border of coal ‘polluter”, Border Mail, 31 May 2012.

Bowley, K. ‘Letter to the Editor: Back farms over fossil fuel plans’, Border Mail, 29 May, 2012.

McNay, N. ‘Get serious on climate, says group‘. Border Mail, Tuesday 15th May, 2012.

Habib, B. ‘Letter to the Editor: Warm seas froze canals‘. Border Mail, Saturday 24th March, 2012, page 35.

Powerful start to solar campaign‘, Albury-Wodonga News Weekly, Friday 9th March, 2012, page 4.

Argoon, A. “Solar plant pie in the sky, says Sophie.” Border Mail, Saturday 3rd March 2011.

Davies, J. “Letter to the Editor: Grants vital for green projects.” Border Mail, Monday 5th September 2011.

Habib, B. (2011). “Climate Change and International Relations Theory: Northeast Asia as a Case Study.” World International Studies Committee—Third Global International Studies Conference. University of Porto, Portugal.

Habib, B. “Letter to the Editor: Explaining the carbon tax levy.” Border Mail, Monday 15th August 2011.

Salmon, L. “Letter to the Editor: Polluters just like children.” Border Mail, Monday 8th August 2011.

Habib, B. “Letter to the Editor: Small price now or pay big later.” Border Mail, Monday 1st August 2011, p. 13.

Bowley, K. “Letter to the Editor: Time to stop carbon whinge.” Border Mail, Thursday 21st July 2011.

Partenza, N. “Partenza, N – Carbon tax too low, says climate group – ‘Higher prices needed’ if nation is to meet its emissions target, Border Mail“. Border Mail, Tuesday 12th July 2011, p. 6.

Long Conversations: Climate Knowledge Exchange. “Beechworth Community Visions – David MacIlwain”. 28th June 2011.

MacIlwain, D. “Letter to the Editor: No justification for it“, The Age, 28th June 2011.

Habib, B. “Letter to the Editor: Climate debate over years ago“. Border Mail, 21st April 2011, p. 21.

Habib, B. (2011). “Antonio Marquina (ed.), Global Warming and Climate Change: Prospects and Policies in Asia and Europe. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, pp. 368, ISBN 978 0 2302 3771 1 (Book Review).” Australian Journal of International Affairs. Vol. 65, No. 2, pp. 256-257.

Habib, B. (2010). “Climate Change and Regime Perpetuation in North Korea.” Asian Survey. Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 378–401.

Our Voice: Politics Albury-Wodonga. “Wodonga and Albury Toward Climate Health – An Interview with Lizette Salmon“. 9th December 2010.






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